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60 Series IEC 61850 SCADA Meters

Bitronics has been providing excellence in digital metering for local indication and SCADA communications for over 20 years. The Bitronics 60 Series, IEC 61850 SCADA meters, continue this tradition of excellence, providing solutions for 3-phase metering. The Bitronics 60 Series are multifunction meters with a range of measurement capabilities. There are two display options, the M660, with a single three-line plus alphanumeric display and the
M661, which does not have a display. The 60 Series Meters are simple to set up and use, and offer superior communications flexibility. They emphasize simplicity. Primary settings can be programmed using the front display buttons (M660). Simple and advanced settings are easily configured through the Ethernet service port. Pre-set register/point sets and display screens coupled with the universal power supply and universal wiring make it easy to go from the box to up and running in no time.

Built for the Substation

  • Wide-range universal power supply for all substation installations
  • Rugged aluminum case
  • Reduce inventory cost as one model covers all wiring options
  • Easy to mount with standard 4” round meter


  • Digital front-end to SCADA systems
  • Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) interfacing to RTUs and PLCs
  • Local indication of substation conditions
  • Plant equipment, line, power & energy monitoring
  • Voltage control, power factor control, and load shedding


  • Full basic measurement set with demand and harmonic values
  • 0.2% revenue accuracy
  • .001Hz accuracy
  • Updates every 100 ms
  • Transformer and Line Loss Compensation


  • Ethernet service port provides access to web server in the instrument so meters can be interfaced with just a web browser for viewing and configuration (except for IEC 61850 Configuration)
  • Direct import of IEC 61850 CID files generated by off-the-shelf system configurator tools (SCTs)
  • Fully-configurable Unbuffered or Buffered report generation for communication to other equipment
  • Ethernet protocol support for IEC 61850, DNP3, and Modbus TCP
  • Optional 100 Mbs fiber port with LC connector that adds to standard Ethernet service port and includes IEC 61850, Modbus, and DNP3 Ethernet protocol support (only 1 Ethernet connection supported)
  • An option for both standard secondary “optimal resolution” or primary units makes communications with SCADA/RTU more flexible