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70 Series Measurement and Recording System

The Bitronics 70 Series Measurement and Recording System is a substation and control solution designed to support multiple applications with a distributed network of Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs). One or more 70 Series IEDs can be configured to perform a number of electrical measurement, communication, and control functions, including:

SCADA and Local Indication
70 Series IEDs provide real-time data to multiple SCADA masters using different protocols simultaneously, including IEC 61850. Detached displays present data locally on mimic panels and other substation equipment.

Automation and Control
70 Series IEDs can be used to automate a substation while preserving existing investments in electromechanical relays. They perform supervisory control, distance to fault, sequence of events, oscillography recording, and other advanced measurement functions. 70 Series’ high-speed measurements and communications may also be employed to perform synch-check and auto-synch applications for generators and bus ties.

Distributed Disturbance Recording
Engineers can make better and faster diagnoses using up to seven highly configurable, time-synchronized recorders with advanced triggers settings (including cross-triggering via GOOSE messaging). 70 Series IEDs meet all of the Disturbance Monitoring and Reporting Requirements for NERC PRC-002-1 and draft standard PRC-002-2.