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Portfolio Category: Novatech

OrionLX+: The Leading Substation Automation Platform

OrionLX+: The Leading Substation Automation Platform is not just an "RTU" but will do the following functions: Security Gateway Media Converter Protocol Converter Time Manager "Comm Processor" or Port Switch Fault Recorder Record Retriever Alarm Annunciator 1ms Sequence of Events Recorder Math and Logic Controller WEB-Based HMI WEB-Based SCADA FLISR Controller Data Server The basic…
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Orion I/O: The Least Expensive and Most Intuitive Substation I/O Yet

Orion I/O is an extension of the family of Orion Automation Platforms for substation automation and incorporates the same security features, software tools and “NCD” configuration as the OrionLX+, OrionMX and OrionSX. It is a rack-mountable I/O assembly with four slots—A, B, C, and D—that can be filled with any combination of I/O cards: currently…
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OrionSX Automation Platform

The latest addition to the Orion Automation Platform, the OrionSX. The OrionSX is an OrionLX+ in a smaller package which means that this Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is utilized for industry standard ethernet protocols with Cyber Security features in mind. Basically, the OrionSX provides a compact solution for the following utility applications: Data acquisition front…
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OrionMX Automation Platform

The next little big thing The OrionMX is one of the smallest member of the Orion Automation Platform combines all the power of an Orion optimized for smaller substations and pole top applications. The OrionMX is easy to configure Has Better than NERC CIP Cyber Security Has all its connections on a Single Side Fits…
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